Meet Our Powerful Learning Practice Teams for the Dublin-Dallas Cohort

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Action Research Project - Template

We want to be able to share and post your Action Research Projects on the PLP website so that others may learn from you. We want to brag on you! We will be making web pages from these projects, so to make the projects a little more uniform and easier to flip through we are asking that you fill out this form. Don't worry - it's not nearly as daunting as it looks. This is meant to be a snapshot of your project with artifacts and links should a reader wish to dig deeper into your research.

For your convenience we have copied and pasted this information into your school's team page. Please delete the directions that are *in asterisks* once you are finished.

Team Name
Team members
*A four- to six-sentence description of the project.*
Problem, Issue, or Possibility
*Please include the context surrounding the project - what you planned to innovate around.*
Objectives and Assessment
*Explain what you wanted to see happen (outcomes) and then evidence the team did or didn't achieve those outcomes. What were/are your aimed outcomes for the project? And how will you know you've been successful in implementation?*
Implementation Plan
*Please include the timeline for the project. This can be a bulleted list.*
Evaluation and Results
*Please include lessons learned and takeaways. How did it turn out? Where are you now in the project?*
Artifacts and Documentation
*Please share any and all materials developed throughout the project. Artifacts can include videos, meeting notes, surveys used, presentations, pictures, supporting documents, URLs, slide sets, etc.*

Please click on one of the names below to find out more.


Dallas Hosted Teams- Year 1
Parish Episcopal Texas
Trinity Valley School Texas
St. Stephen's Episcopal School, Teams 1 & 2
Lakehill Preparatory School Texas
Presbyterian School Texas
Hampton Roads Academy Virginia
Garrison Forest School Maryland
North Shore Country Day School Illinois
The Chinquapin School Texas

Dublin Hosted Teams- Year 1
Glacier Ridge Elementary Ohio
Forest Hills Elementary School
Forest Hills Nagel Team 1
Forest Hills Nagel Team 2
Forest Hills Nagel 2.0
Forest Hills Anderson High School
Forest Hills Admin Team
West Clermont Local Schools Team 1 Ohio
West Clermont Local Schools Team 2
West Clermont Local Schools Team 3
North Shore Country Day School Illinois
Sidney Communty Schools Iowa

Year 2 Teams
The Kinkaid School - Texas
Parish Episcopal - Texas

Global Cohort Teams (All Virtual)
Glen Ellyn District 41
- Franklin Elementary School
Glen Ellyn District 41- Churchill Elementary School