Meet our Powerful Learning Practice 21st Century Fellows.

Our school teams are supported by 10 educational leaders called PLP Fellows. These tech savvy folks will serve as facilitators of online professional development activities. These are your "go to" folks if you have questions or need help. Get to know them by clicking on their names below.

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Photo Credit Mark Treadwell

PLP Fellows

Wallis Goodman - St. Stephen's Episcopal School
Vinnie Vrotny - North Shore Country Day School
Dave Potter- North Shore Country Day School
Dolores Gende - Parish Episcopal
Larry Kahn - The Kinkaid School
M.E. Steele-Pierce - West Clermont
Cheryl Turner- West Clermont
Trisha Underwood - Forest Hills
Karen Szymusiak - Glacier Ridge Elementary
Renee Hawkins- Garrison Forest School
Leanne Reynolds- Hampton Roads Academy
Michael Cummings- Lakehill Preparatory School
Christina Kellam - Glen Ellyn D41