DATEMonday, May 16, 2011
8:30 a.m - 3:00 p.m.

Parish Episcopal School
4101 Sigma Rd
Dallas, TX, 75244

EVENT LOCATIONPearlman Conference CenterThe Pearlman Conference Center is located to the right of the main lobby. Just follow the signs!The showcase will take place in the Board Room next door to the Pearlman. We will have tables for eachteam, wireless access and electrical outlets.
The teams that have been selected to present to the group will have access to the projector and speakers.
Note: Please bring a sweater as our rooms tend to be a little bit on the chilly side.

Please park in the front parking lot of the main building.
Hampton Inn Addison (1.2 miles away)
4505 Beltway Dr.Addison, TX 75001(866) 539-0036Best choice for booking is through HOTELS.COM
The link will show you other hotels in the area.
Addison: Area Restaurants

CONTACT INFO (On Site)Dolores Gende (
cell phone 972-822-6156


Please confirm the information below for PLP TEAMS and TRANSPORTATION.
Add team members as needed. Thank you!

School Name
Team Leader
Member 1
Member 2
Member 3
Member 4
Member 5
Member 6
Parish Episcopal SchoolTeam 1
Stuart Chepey
Jim Kondysar
Gretchen Peterson
Susana Acosta-Cavert
Lucy Henard
Becky Maher

Parish Episcopal School
Team 2
Dolores Gende
Michelle Barker
Emma Heaps
Sherie Skillern
Dave Ostroff

Trinity Valley School
Gail Corder
Karen Arrington
Jane Cooper
Hester Burdman
Jennifer Lockett

The Kinkaid School (2nd year team)
Cecelia O'Connell
Diana Kokernot
Cindy Stanley
Angela Wainright
Larry Kahn (fellow)

Lakehill Preparatory School
Bryna Thomson
Katie Becker
Sheryl Janning
Lara Gajkowski
Julie Riggs
Michael Cummings (fellow)

Garrison Forest School
Lana Conte
Beth Ruekberg
Rachel Herlein
Dana Livne
Chris Shriver
Hawkins (Fellow)

The Chinquapin School
Susan Davis
Jan Ott
Liz Thornton
Student: Karely Osorio
Student 2: Alexadriana Thammavongsa

North Shore Country Day
Lynsey Wollin-Casey
Barbara Castilla
Jordan Kravitz
Ceil Scanlan
David Potter

Hampton Roads Academy
Becky Deeley
Rhonda DeChirico
Elizabeth Hollingsworth
Bridgitte Thompson
Patti Grayson
Ashley Diette
Reynolds (Fellow)
St. Stephen's Episcopal School Teams 1 & 2
Wallis Goodman
Nita Shuffler
Jenny Hok
Debbie Van Ryn
Jenny Huth
Brooke Laws

St. Stephen's (cont.)
Rebecca Gibbs
Christopher Colvin
Lisa Hallee
Bea Baldwin
Laurel Eskridge

Presbyterian School


Out of town schools:We can offer a shuttle service to our out of town participants from their hotel to the school.Please add your team, number of people and your hotel.

The Kinkaid Team: There will be four of us.

Please let us know ( if you have any special dietary needs i.e. vegetarian, vegan.