Glen Ellyn District 41 - Team 2
Churchill Elementary School
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Scott Klespitz

Jennifer Chavez
1st Grade Teacher
Bilingual Spanish

Nicki Clegg
Library Media Specialist

Nic Crifase
(Team Leader)
4th Grade Teacher

Whitney Crouch
(Team Leader)
1st Grade Teacher

Meg Hess
5th Grade Teacher

Melinda Keller
2nd Grade Teacher

Mollie Phillips
2nd Grade Teacher

Action Research Project

Team Name

Churchill School
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Team members

Team Leader: Whitney Crouch, first grade
Skype name:whitney.crouch
Scott Klespitz, principal
Nicki Clegg, LRC
Meg Hess, fifth grade
Nic Crifase, fourth grade
Mollie Phillips,second grade
Melinda Keller, second grade
Jen Chavez, first grade


Churchill School
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
The focus of our action research plan is to incorporate technology into lesson plans. We would like to start changing our staff’s perception that technology is “just one more thing to do.”
Problem, Issue, or Possibility
Our problem was that teachers were not embedding technology into their daily lesson plans.
Objectives and Assessment
Teachers will be able to effectively implement technology into their lessons.

We created a survey for our staff to take. The survey asked the staff what would specifically help them to implement technology into their classrooms. The survey results stated that they would like tech team leaders at each grade level. PLP created tech team leaders. The survey also stated that the staff would like an online database of technology lessons.

Our research consisted of working closely with our district technology specialist on the best ways to implement such a big change. We also researched other schools and how they were implementing technology effectively.
Implementation Plan

January-February- We researched, surveyed, and decided on our plan.
February- We had a district wide technology Institute Day. This energized everybody.
March-April The tech team leaders collaborated with their teams on technology projects. The tech team leaders helped their teams understand how to use technology tools within the classroom.
May-June- Survey the staff on technology within their classrooms
Evaluation and Results
Artifacts and Documentation
Our artifacts are displayed in our youtube video.

Our team has many artifacts that document our journey. Our artifacts will also be housed in an online data technology warehouse for the whole district to use.