Glen Ellyn Team 1
Franklin Elementary School
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Kirk Samples

Lucy Dallman
Gifted Specialist

Joan Doyle
2nd Grade Teacher

Sarah Rodriquez
Kindergarten Teacher

Susan Sailer
1st Grade Teacher

Stacy Slater
Literacy Specialist

Wayne Wittenberg
(Team Leader)
4th Grade Teacher

Action Research Project
Team Name BenFranklin
Team members
Kirk Samples-Principal
Joan Doyle- 2nd Grade Teacher
Sarah Rodriguez-Kindergarten Teacher
Susan Sailer-1st Grade Teacher
Wayne Wittenberg-4th Grade Teacher
Stacy Slater-Literacy Specialist
School- Ben Franklin Elementary Glen Ellyn, IL
Ben Franklin School is in its second year of working toward a successful PLC. Teachers have time to collaborate as grade-level teams on a weekly basis, but this has not solved all of our communication problems. We still lack time for all staff to communicate and collaborate. As a PLP team we decided that using a social networking tool, such as a Ning, could be an appropriate solution to our problem. We began implementation in March and continue to monitor usage, success and questions the staff have.
Problem, Issue, or Possibility
We currently lack time for specialists and non-certified staff to communicate with teachers. We also lack time for cross-grade level articulation.
Objectives and Assessment
To extend the professional learning and collaboration being done by our PLC to effectively include all members of the staff, while incorporating technology.
Implementation Plan
-Initial survey of staff readiness to use a social networking tool within our PLC
-Delvelopment of Franklin's Ning
-Introduction of Franklin PLC (the ning) to staff
-Professional Development to support staff members
-Incentives for using the tool
-Survey to check for improvment in communication and collaboration
-Maintain staff interest over summer with summer Ning activities
Evaluation and Results
We will evaluate our project at the end of the school year when we survey the staff about their experience the last two months using the Ning as a communcation tool. Right now there are many staff members who use the Ning on a regular basis and groups who are using it for daily communication, collaboration and coursework. We will continue to try to pull the staff in who are not using the tool by offering tiers of professional development next year as well as offering discussions and groups over the summer to keep us connected.
Artifacts and Documentation