Welcome everyone, my name is Robin Ellis and I am the Director of Community Development for Powerful Learning Practice. I have been an educator of 16 years working in K -12 public school districts in Pennsylvania as a facilitator of professional development, an instructional technology specialist as well as a curriculum integration coach. Working with the wonderful people associated with PLP for the past two years has been remarkable in terms of my own learning, and truly understanding the importance of learning networks and communities of practice. I hope you will join in our journey this year with an open mind and willingness to be bold and participate in conversations and an environment which may be new to you. I am looking forward to learning from and with you.

headshot.jpgWell, since I've cut my hair, this picture doesn't look like me any longer! Regardless, my name is still Susan Carter Morgan, and I'm co-leading this cohort with Robin. I've taught school for nearly 30 years, focusing on middle school English and high school journalism. I also did a stint as an elementary/lower school technology teacher, and I have admired kindergarten teachers ever since. Like Robin, I've learned to love the way we connect and learn from one another online, developing friendships and collegial relationships that benefit us professionally and personally. I am also the social media strategist for PLP, so you will see me often on Twitter and Facebook as well as the PLP blog. I also blog here.This year will be exciting and challenging, but we hope it will change and enrich you. I can't wait to get started.

Year Two folks, get ready for a treat.
Soon to be joining you is Kevin Honeycutt, an experienced teacher, artist, and tech integration specialist. Now that you’ve spent the first part of our time together serving as models and mentors for the Year One peeps, Kevin will work with Sheryl as the Year Two Leader, guiding
you through the process of defining and crafting your work for the rest of the year.
IMG_2916.jpgKevin writes about himself:
I grew up in poverty and my family moved a lot, always staying a step ahead of the ramifications of my father's behavior. As I witnessed education around the country I collected powerful experiences that still influence my conversations and my work with educators.
He is also a school board member in Kansas, currently serving his second term. Focusing on helping teachers and learners become comfortable with technology, Kevin has developed programs in film, project-based learning, online safety and anti-bullying, as well as working with at-risk children.
Kevin would like you to know he brings his personal life experience and a sense of humor to the mission of helping prepare 21st century learners!